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Brian Middour of Beaver Falls, PA

About Brian Middour (Brian's biography):

 Brian Middour has no description for his public profile.  Are you Brian Middour of Beaver Falls Pennsylvania?  If so, click here to create a MAEGIC member account so you can claim your profile via MAEGIC.  If you know Brian Middour, please let his know how he can help protect his identity and help contribute to economic stability by claiming his profile via MAEGIC!

Brian Middour's activity:

Brian Middour has no activity. If you happen to know Brian, please be sure to let them know about his profile here so he can take control of his identity.

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10/18/2012, Lorraine N.'s review of Oram's Donut Shop in Beaver Falls (10/10):
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11/5/2014, Jennifer W.'s review of China Buffet in Beaver Falls (8/10):
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5/18/2013, Elmer F.'s review of Z Pub & Diner in Beaver Falls (5/10):
"Good food. Not a very extensive menu. Full bar. Great service- all employees refilled my drink, no need to wait on your specific waitress. After ten or ten thirty the kitchen is open but they have a…"